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Hydraulic Slashers & Brushcutters

The Rugged Slasher for those Really Tough Jobs!

The El-Gra ‘Terminator’ hydraulic slasher has features other manufacturs only dream about.

  • Main body manufactured from 8mm plate.
  • Single piece, pressed body provides greater strength
  • Round dish rotor is constructed from 25mm plate
  • Heavy duty spindle carrier, equivalent to 150hp output shaft
  • Optional 2 or 3 blade models available
  • Blades are made from 16mm magnesium compound steel
  • High speed Bent Axis hydraulic motor for greater reliability and higher tip speed
  • A 5′ rotor with 60 litres per minute hyraulic flow will provide 21,000 feet per minute tip speed
  • Adjustable, ratchet jockey wheel with pneumatic tyre
  • Full floating headstock
  • Dual inbuilt safety release valves at the motor, providing greater protection for the Bent Axis motor
  • Fitted with a ‘High Stall Valve’ which will shut down the motor in approximately 8 seconds from full speed
  • Optional safety chains, front and rear to give greater safety to the operator and public
  • Safer, more streamlined operating deck
ELGRA Single Rotor Slasher
Single Rotor Slasher
Single Rotor PTO 3pl Slasher
Single Rotor PTO 3pl Slasher
7ft Twin Hydraulic Slasher
7ft Twin Hydraulic Slasher

Sizes available:
Single Rotor: 3’6″, 4′, 5′, 6′
Twin Rotor: 6′, 7′, 8′

Hydraulically powered, and virtually unbreakable the El-Gra Terminator can tackle any slashing job from tall, tough grass up to 8″ mature trees.

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