5 Cu Foot Mixer

The Perfect Mixer for Dingos & Toros

Latest 5 Cubic Foot Mixer from ELGRA

The latest front-mounted skid steer mixer from ELGRA, the 5CF, has been targeted specifically at those companies and tradies who require small batches of concrete easily and quickly produced onsite.

5cu foot Mixer for Dingo & Toro

Designed specifically for smaller skid steer machines such as the popular Dingo Diggers or Toros, the 5CF can also be fitted to appropriate wheeled machines provided they have a minumum of 25-35 L/minute oil flow.

This new 5CF mixer is particularly suited to:

  • Landscaping companies
  • Commercial garden projects
  • Residential fencing contractors
Five Cubic Foot Capacity Mixer

While small in size, and oil-feed requirements, the new 5CF mixer will quickly mix five cubic ft of cement mortar, or concrete when small batches are required. The recommended dry mix capacity of 2.5 cubic feet, will result in a finished quantity of approximately 5 cu ft.

Cement Mixer - 5 cu ft on a Toro skidsteer

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