An Insight into Elgra Engineering

In early 1990, Elton and Graeme Robinson established ELGRA Engineering in South Nowra, New South Wales. Coming from a rural background, it was natural for the two founders to focus on creating a range of tractor-mounted, 3pl machinery, all designed to make life a little easier for ‘the man on the land’.

As Elton Robinson says, “From an early age I was always fascinated by machinery, and never missed an opportunity to pull something to pieces so I could see how it worked. Then once we began our engineering business, I was constantly trying to improve almost every piece of equipment I worked with”. This never-ending quest for constant improvement flows through every aspect of Elgra’s design and manufacturing processes.

Some of the early equipment incorporated 3pl (3 point linkage) mounting and, in some products, relied on the PTO of the tractor to power the equipment. The early range of products consisted of Post Drivers, Concrete Mixers, Posthole Diggers, Trailers, Slashers, and other farm equipment. In the early days, most manufacturing tasks, such as measuring, cutting, bending/folding welding and painting were all carried out manually.

Following the success of their earlier range of equipment, design engineer, Graeme Robinson, began to focus on hydraulically powered machinery, allowing for use on skid steer and excavator style vehicles. Graeme’s persistent focus on safety, ease of use and ultimate customer satisfaction, resulted in ELGRA’s replacement of the old style free-fall gravity post drivers with then current range of hydraulically driven p⁞ercussion post drivers. The 89 Series and 90 Series range of post drivers set a completely new standard for post drives world-wide.

The past decade has seen a complete Top-to-Bottom revision and upgrading of the engineering shop. Among other things, this has included the addition of numerical machine control, computer aided design, plasma and laser cutting of machine parts, and the incorporation of superior surface plating, reducing the need for painting.
However, as always, ELGRA’s primary focus is on you, the customer, and providing 100% satisfaction for every product manufactured.

Design & Manufacture

From the very beginning, all design is carried out using highly sophisticated CAD software. Once the detailed design of the various parts has been completed, the software is then capable of fully testing the design prior to manufacture of any prototypes.

Once the design has been fully evaluated, the software then is used to create the machine control files necessary for plasma cutting of parts. When cutting has been completed, the prototype is then welded, assembled and fully tested through every aspect of operation.

When the final design is fully approved, the computer files are then supplied to the high-tech, high precision laser cutters. The laser cutters can cut all parts to an extremely high level of precision, from where the parts will be delivered to the machine assembly area of the workshop for final assembly and testing. The above procedure results in the very high level of efficiency and reliability inherent in every piece of equipment manufactured by ELGRA Engineering.

If you have any particular farm machinery task, or a need for special equipment, Elton and Graeme are always happy to discuss any aspects of farm machinery needs.

If you are currently retailing or distributing farm machinery and are interested in becoming an ELGRA dealer, please give us a call today on: (02) 4423 3499. Or, fill out our online Enquiry Form below:

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