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Absolutely the finest hydraulic post driver for tractors on sale in Australia today.

89 Series Hydraulic Post Driver for 3pl

The ELGRA 89 Series driver, is the ideal post driver for your tractor in Australia. Designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, this post driver and 3pl fittings make it the ideal Post Driver For Tractor combination.

If you’re looking for speed, efficiency and bringing in your next post driving project in on-budget, you need to check out our range of tractor-mounted post drivers. Overall operator safety features at the very top of our list for all ELGRA products and our post drivers cannot be dry-fired when mounted to your tractor. The hammer rate of this particular post driver is close to a thousand beats per minute, and can easily drive large-diameter wooden or steel posts into the hardest ground on your property. Making it the ideal tractor-mounted driver, even for large diameter strainer posts. We can provide it with appropiate fittings for:

  • 3pl (3 Point Linkage) mountings
  • Skid Steer mountings
  • Excavator mountings
  • Tele-handler adapters

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