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NB: This product has been replaced with our revolutionary Paddle Mixer.

Check out our our new Paddle Mixer here… more info.

ELGRA Tractor Mounted Hydraulic Concrete Mixers

Are you looking for a concrete mixer that can deliver consistent results and is easy-to-use? Then look no further. You can find the right concrete mixer for your needs! Just hook it up to your tractor and you’re ready to go. Have a job on the other side of the property? Then don’t worry about figuring out power lines or lugging a cumbersome old mixer – use this portable and clever mixer to take care of your needs!


Features of The El-Gra hydraulic spiral concrete mixers include:

  • Hydraulically operated spiral concrete mixers for greater efficiency.
  • 7, 16 and 27 cubic feet cement mixers
  • Hydraulic driven
  • Easily mounted on 3pl tractor
  • Extra wide mouth for loading
  • Easily unloaded-simply reverse direction of rotation

El-Gra Tractor Mounted Concrete Mixer Features

  • 3pl
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Rotation changes hydraulically to feed out contents with internal spiral

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