For 3pl Machines

Drivers, Slashers, Mixers & Diggers

The following products are compatible with most tractors and other 3pl vehicles with suitable capabilities.

Depending on the power rating of the ELGRA Post Drivers the speed of operation will be governed by the capacity of the hydraulic system to deliver sufficient flow rate.

S89 Percussion Postdriver

 Due to its clever design, there is a considerable saving in overhead weight when fully extended, compared to the old free fall hammers. By reducing this overhead weight, it makes the post driver stable and far safer to operate on steeper slopes.

89 Series Hydraulic Post Driver for 3pl
3pl post driver for tractors
Post Driver for tractor mounting with 3pl

S89 3pl Hi-Lift Post Driver

The 89 Series Hi-Lift Post Driver provides an easy solution for those difficult post driving applications where tall posts are required. Delivering a high degree of operator safety, and ease of use, the Elgra 89 Series Hi-Lift driver is the obvious choice for rural and commercial operations.

3pl Hi Lift S89 Post Driver

3pl Concrete Mixer

Looking for an easy solution to those far-away concreting jobs? The ELGRA range of 3pl tractor-mounted mixers can solve the problem.

The ELGRA tractor-mounted Concrete Mixer

3pl Tractor-mounted Hydraulic Slasher

The ELGRA range of hydraulic slashers are available in 4′, 4’6″, 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′ and 10′ width cutting decks. They are supplied with gearbox ratings of, 50 hp, 75 hp, 100 hp and 130 hp, and with single, or double rotor cutting decks. They are suitable for 3pl, or skid-steer/excavator mounting.

Hydraulic Slasher

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