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High Lift Post Driver - 89 Series

The Ultimate Driver For Tall Posts!

The 89 Series Hi-Lift provides an easy solution for those difficult post driving applications where tall posts are required. Delivering a high degree of operator safety, and ease of use, the Elgra 89 Series Hi-Lift is the obvious choice for rural and commercial operations.

Hi lift post driver from ELGRA Engineering Pty Ltd, Nowra, NSW Australia S89 High Lift Post Driver from ELGRA Engineering, South Coast, NSW

High Lift Hydraulic Post Driver from ELGRA Engineering, Central Avenue, Nowra NSW Hydraulic Post Driver from ELGRA, South Coast, NSW Australia

Hi-Lift 89 Series Power Head Options:

OPTION 1 50 Cell

  • Impact Energy: 900 Joules (approx.)
  • Oil Flow 25-45 lpm
  • 450 - 750 bpm

OPTION 2 75 Cell

  • Impact Energy: 1,500 Joules (approx.)
  • Oil Flow 40-80 lpm
  • 400 - 800 bpm

OPTION 3 100 Cell

  • Impact Energy: 2,000 Joules (approx.)
  • Oil Flow 45-80 lpm
  • 400 - 800 bpm

OPTION 4 200 Cell

  • Impact Energy: 2,500 Joules (approx.)
  • Oil Flow 80-100 lpm
  • 450 - 700 bpm

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