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New 90 Series Post Driver From ELGRA

A brand new light-weight hydraulic post driver from the Australian leader in post drivers.

The Latest In Skid-Steer and Excavator Post Drivers

 Hot off the assembly line, this revolutionary post driver from El-Gra has been specifically designed for operation by Skid-Steer and Excavator equipment.

Able to be operated from within the cabin, the Series 90 driver offers greater comfort, ease of use and safety to the operator.

Removing the need to stand on the ground to operate the driver, the Series 90 opens up a whole new range of options for fencing contractors and other engineering applications.

And it delivers - with Four Power Head Options:

Option 1:  50 Cell

  • Impact Energy: 900 Joules (approx.)
  • Oil Flow 25-45 lpm
  • 450 - 750 bpm

Option 2: 75 Cell

  • Impact Energy: 1,500 Joules (approx.)
  • Oil Flow 35-80 lpm
  • 400 - 800 bpm

Option 3: 100 Cell

  • Impact Energy: 2,000 Joules (approx.)
  • Oil Flow 35-100 lpm
  • 400 - 800 bpm

Option 4: 200 Cell

  • Impact Energy: 2,500 Joules (approx.)
  • Oil Flow 60-100 lpm
  • 450 - 700 bpm

Call El-Gra today for more details on the new Series 90 hydraulic driver.

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The newest 90 Series Hydraulic Post Driver from Elgra Engineering, offers an offset mounting. 
This allows the operator a much better forward field of vision.


The following two photos show the tilt capability, allowing for correct post alignment on sloping ground.

Post Driver for Skid Steer mounting.

Skid steer mounted post driver.

Excavator, Skid Steer post driver from ELGRA Engineering, Nowra NSW Excavator, Skid Steer post driver from ELGRA Engineering

Excavator, Skid Steer post driver from ELGRA Engineering, Nowra NSW Excavator post driver from ELGRA Engineering, Nowra NSW

Call us today for more information on our unique, light-weight 90 Series Post Driver! 

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