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Heavy Duty, Custom Farm, Car & Box Trailers from El-Gra, Australia

El-Gra Engineering specialise in the design & manufacture of heavy duty, customised trailers for demanding applications. Let the El-Gra team know your specific requirements and receive a cost-effective engineering solution for consideration.

The following is a small sample of their engineering excellence:

10 Tonne Rock Trailer from El-Gra Engineering, Nowra, NSW  Australia

10 Tonne Rock Trailer

Silage Trailer, from El-Gra Engineering, Nowra NSW

Silage Trailer from El-Gra Engineering - Nowra NSW

3 tonne trailer

El-Gra 3 Tonne Trailer

9 Tonne Hydraulic Tipper Trailer from El-Gra Engineering, Nowra, NSW

9 Tonne El-Gra Hydraulic Tipper Trailer

10 Tonne Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

EL-Gra Haul Out Trailer

7 Tonne Tipping Trailer from El-Gra, South Nowra, NSW

EL-Gra 7 Tonne Trailer

Lawnmower trailer

EL-Gra RBT Trailer.

89 Series Video!

Don't miss out on seeing the superb videos of our latest 89 Series Post Driver in action. Check it out now!


Hot New Slasher!!!

Check out the latest n' greatest slasher to roll out the door at Elgra.


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New Ribbon Mixer

A revolutionary new mixer. The complete portable mixing solution for difficult jobs!


Slasher Eats Trees!

Yep!... I'm telling the truth. If you want a slasher to beat all slashers on the planet... check out the video on this page!


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